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A Basket Case!

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Featuring gifts by A Basket Case!

About Farmstead Gourmet,

featuring gifts by A Basket Case

Farmstead Gourmet, located in Ephrata, PA, is staffed with experts in corporate gifting and basket creation. We offer a wide range of gourmet and fruit gifts, plus offer personalization services for all gifting needs. Cheryl Bode, Farmstead Gourmet's manager and former owner and founder of "A Basket Case Gifts," was employed for over 20 years as a corporate executive before launching her gifting business. With this wealth of experience, she truly understands the needs of corporate customers.

Following her time in the corporate world, Cheryl has spent the last 12 years as owner/operator of her successful business “A Basket Case”, with the help of her daughter Christy Madara and her talented staff. In the summer of 2013, "A Basket Case" joined forces with the West Coast fruit and gourmet gift basket company, Golden State Fruit, creating a new company, Farmstead Gourmet. She now manages the Farmstead Gourmet facility, which serves as an East Coast fulfillment center for Golden State Fruit’s eastern US shipments, while making available all the services "A Basket Case" has offered to their loyal customers and more. In addition to offering best-in-gourmet gifts and personalized product, Farmstead gourmet can now ship gifts with fresh fruit, gourmet cheeses and more. Our large staff and state-of-the-art facility can create and ship orders of any size within your budget.

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